Reg Ivory The Last President
Political Thriller

Johnson City Press - April 9, 2009

Reg Ivory, a former newspaper executive, has written a Washington political thriller, "There Is No President," recently published by iUniverse.

Drawing on his years of lobbying and involvement in political campaigns, Ivory began writing the work of fiction after noticing the reference to presidential succession in the 20th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. "It's almost an afterthought," Ivory says.

"In the book, right after an election both the president and Vice President-elect cannot assume office on Inauguration Day," he explains. "The 20th Amendment throws this situation into the Congress and requires the selection of an 'Acting President.' Congress becomes deadlocked, too many legislators want to be President, and no one can agree on anything, much less who should be President. All of a sudden, Inauguration Day arrives and ... there is no president."

Ivory added an ambitious Speaker of the House, a lame duck President, a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who thinks he may be best qualified, a powerful Chairman of the Joint Chiefs who will go to any means to protect the country, and a Middle East dictator who decides this may be a perfect time to attack the United States.

"I wrote the novella for fun and because I saw a very real flaw in our Constitution," Ivory said.

Ivory has published several short stories and a nonfiction history of the newspaper industry in the South. Now retired, he spent 35 years in the newspaper field as a lobbyist and was executive director of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association. A Vietnam veteran, Ivory served for seven years as a B-52 navigator-bombardier, flying more than 100 combat missions.

"There Is No President" is available through any online book seller.